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This light-coloured Multani Mitti clay is the result of decomposed volcanic ash. The name, Fuller’s earth, comes from this clay’s use in the early English wool industry. It was used by fullers to clean and degrease woolen cloth during the ‘fulling’ process, because of its ability to absorb oil.

Say goodbye to oily skin: Rich in magnesium chloride, multani mitti helps reduce acne and remove blackheads. To a tablespoon of multani mitti, add a teaspoon each of sandalwood powder, rose water and milk. Mix them and apply the mixture to your face.
While looking up the benefits of multani mitti, I was reminded of my early years at home and the times I would glare at the television, intrigued by advertisements endorsing beauty products. So much so that I would go up to my father and insist that he gets me those gels and creams which my mother would vehemently brush aside. My mother has been a religious believer of natural ingredients. “Your beauty kit is inside here, here in the kitchen,” she would say. I now recollect her saving bits and pieces of tomatoes, cucumber, some lemon juice and use them on her skin. Other than those, there were other herbal ingredients that I could find in her inexpensive, humble vanity box, such as masoor dal powder, besan (gram flour) and sandalwood powder. I didn’t realise the power of natural ingredients then, but only now I can see through the commercial facade of beauty industry. Almost all beauty and cosmetic products claim to have natural extracts in their products. If natural is the way to go, why not embrace it in its rawest form?

One of the ingredients that still exists in my mother’s beauty kit till today is multani mitti. She would simply mix it with rose water, milk and even glycerin and apply it on her face. According to her, there is no better cure for most skin related issues than multani mitti. After trying almost every cosmetic cream on my adamant acne-proned skin, I resorted to applying multani mitti on my face, and it worked like magic! The benefits of multani mitti are making it a global rage too. It is used for a variety of skin woes.