coconut oil soap

As I explained in my first recipe, rather than make a liquid soap using both olive oil and coconut oil together in the same soap, as I would with a bar soap, I decided to make a pure liquid castile soap with only olive oil and a separate liquid coconut oil soap instead.

While it may sound more complicated to make two separate soaps, I did have my reasons. Each oil brings different properties to the final soap. In a bar soap, you have to mix the oils and have the combination figured out before you make your soap. With a liquid soap, though, you have the advantage of being able to combine your finished soaps after the fact!

Because liquid soaps can be handy for so many different uses, whether it be for face and body, or for general cleansing around the house, I thought it would be great to have two separate soaps that I could combine as needed for each particular use.

Soaps made with olive oil are more conditioning. Olive oil is great for face and body soaps for that very reason. On the other hand, soaps made with only olive oil don’t make as much lather and are said to not be as “cleansing” as soaps made with coconut oil.

Soaps made with coconut oil are cleansing and they provide a nice bubbly lather. On the other hand, they can be drying on the skin when used alone.

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